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Architect | Artist | Designer

Ali create the long-lasting physical, cultural and digital environment to increase wellbeing and support you at home and work.

Architectural Designs for Wellbeing & Longevity

Ali Shahbazi is an architect, artist and former professor of architecture and design. His works include the design and development of buildings in Tehran and Dubai.

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‎Architectural Design and Projects

For over two decades, Ali has transformed the way people live and work. Ali delivers holistic, innovative designs that capture visions and enhance how people achieve longevity at homes and perform to reach business objectives at work.


Ali's body of artwork covers a variety of subjects focusing on social and cultural issues, specifically women’s rights throughout Iran and the Middle East.


Paintings that foster imagination

Ali's artwork explores the insecurity of social experiences in the Middle East caused by the unrest between modernity and tradition.

Ali incorporates his vast experience of traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern painting with new elements to create an artwork that tells timeless stories.