Ali Shahbazi's Architectural Designs

Ali's architectural designs create a productive, inspiring and holistic life and work environments that undeniably influence everyone and their organizational success.

Creating Meaningful Experiences by Design 

Architecture | Interior Design | Environmental Branding

Ali Shahbazi's architectural work covers a diverse range of industries and transforms cultural, corporate, and residential spaces that work in synchronicity with their surroundings.



Ali's architectural philosophy emphasizes the needs of people and their goals. This results in intriguing designs and supports everyone's current and future requirements. Ali approaches each project with sustainability, scalability and versatility considerations in mind from initial conception in the project lifecycle.


Interior Design

The interior designs should be attractive, engaging and supportive of each person's lifestyle. Ali integrates and coordinates information, engineers and builds services and technologies that translate the person personality.


Environmental Branding

Over the past two decades, Ali has helped businesses to communicate and animate their brands in the workplace. Through the integration of brand strategy, graphics, and environmental design, Ali creates times that enhance the user experience, deliver a distinct message and connect to the purpose of a business.


Innovative Design Based on Timeless Principles.

Ali creates structures that are just as intriguing as their unique design. It is important to create a coherent and tight design style to support people's lifestyles. Each design should be socially beneficial, beautiful, and sustainable.

Impactful Design

In addition to providing great aesthetics, at their core, designs are successful by being beneficial and functional for the people using it.

Robust Plan

Designs have to consider future changes in peoples wellbeing and accommodate health and longevity.


Every design should be an attempt to stir the senses. Both form and function provide a good test of architecture to measure its elegance.

Case Studies

Peek inside Ali's creations and latest projects.

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