Ali Shahbazi's Artwork

Ali's paintings often show the inner societal conflict between modernity and tradition.

Artwork that Foster Imagination

Ali's artworks question the complicated relationship between contemporary Iranian society and its inherent traditional gender roles. Two of Ali’s best-known works includes, ‘Beyond Borders‘ and ‘Behind The Mask of Fear’. They examine the difficult connection that Iranian society faces every day to combat censorship and other constraints.


Conceptual Figurative

Ali's conceptual figurative paintings are politically and socially inspired. They provide an impressionistic overview of the depth and breadth of culture, subject matter, talent techniques in the new wave of contemporary Middle Eastern art presently produced throughout the Middle East.


Mix Abstract

Ali's multi-disciplinary approach incorporates painting, drawing, and architecture. Combining various cultural influences, Ali’s work exceeds social, political and national borders, forming a unique pictorial language.

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